Selectively employing a variety of discarded objects - trinkets, locks of hair, a slipper decorated with glitter - Dodson immerses and isolates them within shadowy, aqueous environments. Childhood is a recurring touchstone - dolls and other toys figure prominently in the work - as is a yearning sense of, not nostalgia exactly; the pictures are too acidic to encourage out-and-out sentimentality. Lust for Sleep (2010), with its snuggled strands of blond and auburn hair, is nothing if not a reliquary, but for what precisely? It's enough that the feelings are honed, elaborated upon and allowed a degree of independence. Dodson seamlessly melds immaculate artifice and unapologetic romanticism, crystalline execution and unruly states of feeling. Within her oeuvre, painting, photography and high tech achieve an uncommon tête-à-tête that is, at once, here-and-now and back to the future. These luminous dreamscapes evince a distinctive and deeply humane vision.          Mario Naves