Laura Dodson resurrects inanimate playthings from female childhood with a disturbing fetishistic formality. Her photographed dolls in the series "Plastic Present" inhabit enigmatic spaces composed of torn wrappings, discarded edibles, bits of glitter, ribbon and glass. With sinuous hair and pliable flesh, her protagonists become erotic and embryonic fixtures in fictive environments that both glamourize and supress them. Their lifelike accessories - ballroom gowns, bridal veils and party shoes - are ceremoniously propped beside them like ornaments in a jewelry box. Vivid colors and velvety textures mingle to create these bizarre human miniatures or remains. Like embalmed mementos the dolls and their props seem to hover, hinting at injury or violence. Unwrapped, they are a true collection of cravings and misgivings.  Andrea Gilbert